Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Integrating Core GameKit (Pool Boss) with Paragon AI

I am attempting to get Paragon AI Agents to be spawned by Core GameKit (the Pool Boss component can also be purchased separately).

This is a work in progress. There are still issues that I am working out with the developers.

These notes were taken with:

  • Unity 5.2.3f1
  • Paragon AI 1.01
  • Core GameKit


Comment out line 81: myAIBodyTransform.parent = null;

Add the following method:
void OnSpawned()
Comment out line 585: GameObject.Destroy(gameObject);

After line 585, add the following:
agent.enabled = false;

Add the following method:
void OnSpawned()
  agent.enabled = true;
Comment out line 153: KillAI();

Comment out line 157: this.enabled = false;

Add the following method:
void OnSpawned()

Monday, 27 May 2013

Attaching an External Antenna to the Ninja Block

My last post was on how to extend the receiving range of your Ninja Block by adding an external antenna. For this post I came up with a better way to attach the ground and cleaned things up by drilling a hole to mount the antenna connector.

I think the best way to demonstrate this is through a series of pictures, so I have prepared a sideshow. Please ask any questions in the comments below or post to the Ninja Block for thread on this mod.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Increasing a Ninja Blocks’ Reception Range By Adding An External Antenna

Ninja Block - Hack Me
Being true to the ideal, I hacked my Ninja Block.

I love my Ninja Block, but because of the way it was designed, the ability for it to receive 433 Mhz signals from sensors is limited. This is due to the receiving antenna being a small helical antenna internal to the Ninja Block. Because of this, I was unable to receive the radio signals from sensors that were very low power transmitters at ranges beyond five meters.

I decided to hack the block to see if I could get better reception. Continue Reading

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Using 433 Mhz RC Sockets with Ninja Blocks’ Ninja Remote App

On the Ninja Blocks forum, FrankCologne asked how to use the Watts Clever sockets with the Ninja Remote app. I thought it would be a good idea to take some screenshots to help explain how to do it. So, here they are.

Click each thumbnail to enlarge.

  1. Start up Ninja Remote
    Start up the Ninja Remote App
  2. Add New Button
    Click “Configure” in the upper-right corner. It will change to “Finish” and will add a new button to “Add New Button”. Click that.
  3. Choose to add a socket
    Choose the “Socket” Button Type.
  4. Configure the socket
    Click the “Listen” button and activate the “On” control for the socket.
  5. "On" Registered
    With the “On” code linked, stop listening, and then do the same thing for the “Off” code.
  6. Both Registered
    With both “On” and “Off” registered, you may change the name and then save.
  7. Fished Adding Button
    When you return, click Finish and you will have your new button.

Saturday, 20 August 2011